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·At that time [L In that day] seven women will grab one man [C war will have decimated the male population]
    and say, “We will eat our own bread
    and ·make [wear] our own clothes [C things a husband would normally provide],
but ·please marry us [L let us be called by your name]!
    Please, take away our ·shame [disgrace; C from having no husband or children].”

The Branch of the Lord

·At that time [L In that day] the Lord’s branch [C either the produce of the land or a title for the Messiah (11:1; Jer. 23:5)] will be very beautiful and ·great [glorious]. ·What grows on the land [The fruit of the land] will be the pride and ·joy [glory] of the ·people still living in the land [L survivors in Israel]. Those who ·are still living in Jerusalem [L remain in Zion and those who are left in Jerusalem] will be called holy; ·their names [L all who] are recorded among the living in Jerusalem. The Lord will wash away the ·filth [vomit; excrement] from the women of Jerusalem. He will ·wash [cleanse] the bloodstains out of Jerusalem ·with the spirit of fairness and the spirit of fire [or with a wind/spirit of judgment and burning fire; or by the Spirit of judgment and burning fire]. Then the Lord will ·cover [L create over] Mount Zion and ·the people who meet there [all her assemblies] with a cloud of smoke during the day and with a bright, flaming fire at night [Ex. 13:21; 14:19–20]. There will be a ·covering of glory over every person [or canopy over all the glory]. This covering will ·protect the people [L be a shelter for shade] from the heat ·of the sun [by day] and ·will provide a safe place to hide [a refuge and shelter] from the storm and rain.