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Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen
    because their words and their works
    are defiant before the face of the Lord’s glorious presence.[a]
The look on their impudent faces says it all,
    for they publicly flaunt their sin like Sodom,
    not even trying to hide it.[b]
    Woe to their souls, for they invite
    disaster upon themselves.
10 Yet reassure the righteous; it will go well with them!
    They will fully enjoy the reward of their deeds.[c]

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  1. Isaiah 3:8 Or “provoking the glance of his glorious eyes” (see Hab. 1:13). Sin provokes the glorious eyes of God. This is the opposite of finding favor in his eyes.
  2. Isaiah 3:9 See Jer. 3:3.
  3. Isaiah 3:10 The lovers of God, even in a time of difficulty, can enjoy the sweet fruits of seeking God and serving his kingdom. They will reap the good seeds they planted, for seeds turn into fruit. The fruit of their deeds is the holy confidence that God is with them, even in a season of judgment. We can know it will go well with us, for the message of hope is this: “Tell the righteous they can still be joyful and it will be well with them.”