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Isaiah 3:7-9 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

And he shall answer in that day, and say, I am no leech, and neither bread, neither cloth is in mine house; do not ye make me prince of the people. (And he shall answer on that day, and say, I am no physician, and there is no bread, or cloak, in my house; do not ye make me to be the leader of the people.)

For why Jerusalem fell down, and Judah fell down (al)together; for the tongue of them, and the findings of them (for their words, and their deeds), were against the Lord, for to stir to wrath the eyes of his majesty.

The knowing of their cheer shall answer to them (The look on their faces shall witness against them); and they preached their sin, as Sodom did, and hid (it) not. Woe to the soul of them, for why evils be yielded to them.


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