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Isaiah 3:7-9 Expanded Bible (EXB)

·But [L In that day] that brother will ·stand up [or cry out] and say,
    “I ·cannot help you [L am no binder (of wounds)],
because I do not have food or ·clothes [cloak] in my house.
    You will not make me ·your leader [L leader of the people/nation].”
This will happen because Jerusalem has stumbled,
    and Judah has fallen.
The things they say and do are against the Lord;
    they ·turn against [rebel against; defy] ·him [L his glory/glorious presence].
The look on their faces ·shows they are guilty [testifies against them];
    like the people of Sodom [Gen. 18–19], they ·are proud of [flaunt; parade; declare] their sin.
    They don’t ·care who sees [conceal; hide] it.
·How terrible it will be for them [L Woe to their soul],
    because they have brought ·much trouble [disaster; evil] on themselves.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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