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Isaiah 3:10-12 International Standard Version (ISV)

Encouragement to the Righteous

10 “Tell[a] the righteous that things will go well,
    because they will enjoy[b] the fruit of their actions.”

Warning to the Wicked

11 “How terrible it will be for the wicked!
    Disaster is headed their way,
        because what they did with their hand[c] will be repaid[d] to them.

12 “As for my people, children[e] are their oppressors,
    and women rule over them.
My people, your leaders are misleading you—
    they’re giving you confusing directions.”[f]


  1. Isaiah 3:10 So 1QIsaa; the Heb. lacks Tell
  2. Isaiah 3:10 Lit. eat
  3. Isaiah 3:11 So 1QIsaa; MT LXX read hands
  4. Isaiah 3:11 So 1QIsaa; MT reads done
  5. Isaiah 3:12 Or youths
  6. Isaiah 3:12 So MT; 1QIsaa reads they’re devouring your paths
International Standard Version (ISV)

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