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10 I said, “I am in the ·middle [prime] of my life.
    Do I have to go through the gates of ·death [or the grave; L Sheol]?
    Will I have the rest of my life ·taken away [deprived; robbed] from me?”
11 I said, “I will not see ·the Lord [the Lord, the Lord; L Yah, Yah; 26:4]
    in the land of the living again.
I will not again see ·the people [a human being]
    who live on the earth.
12 Like a shepherd’s tent,
    my home has been pulled down and taken from me.
I am like the cloth a weaver rolls up and cuts from the loom.
    ·In one day [L From day to night] you brought me to this end.

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