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The Redeemed Return to Zion

35 The wilderness and dry land will be joyously glad!

    The desert will blossom like a rose and rejoice!
Every dry and barren place will burst forth with abundant blossoms,[a]
    dancing and spinning with delight![b]
    Lebanon’s lush splendor covers it,
    the magnificent beauty of Carmel[c] and Sharon.[d]
    My people[e] will see the awesome glory of Yahweh,
    the beautiful grandeur of our God.
Strengthen those who are discouraged.[f]
    Energize those who feel defeated.[g]
Say to the anxious and fearful,
    “Be strong and never afraid.
    Look, here comes your God!
    He is breaking through to give you victory!
    He comes to avenge your enemies.
    With divine retribution he comes to save you!”[h]
Then blind eyes will open and deaf ears will hear.
Then the lame will leap[i] like playful deer
    and the tongue-tied will sing songs of triumph.
    Gushing water will spring up in the wilderness
    and streams will flow through the desert.[j]
The burning sand will become a refreshing oasis,
    the parched ground bubbling springs,
    and the dragon’s[k] lair a meadow
    with grass, reeds, and papyrus.
There will be a highway of holiness called the Sacred Way.
    The impure will not be permitted on this road,
    but it will be accessible to God’s people.[l]
    And not even fools will lose their way.[m]
The lion[n] will not be found there;
    no wild beast will travel on it—
    they will not be found there.
    But the redeemed will find a pathway on it.
10 Yahweh’s ransomed ones will return with glee to Zion.
    They will enter with a song of rejoicing
    and be crowned with everlasting joy.
    Ecstatic joy will overwhelm them;
    weariness and grief will disappear!


  1. Isaiah 35:2 Or “Blossoming it will blossom.” The Hebrew word (parach) implies breaking forth and blooming. It can also mean to “spread (the wings) and fly.” This is what will happen to God’s people in the last days. Once confined in the wilderness, they will break forth and blossom with beauty and glory as saints of the Most High.
  2. Isaiah 35:2 The Hebrew word giyl implies spinning with delight and dancing. See Ps. 149:3; Jer. 31:13; Zeph. 3:17.
  3. Isaiah 35:2 Carmel, a mountain range near Israel’s Mediterranean coast, means “fruitful, plentiful, orchard, garden, vineyard, or any fruitful field.” See Song. 4:11-15; 7:5.
  4. Isaiah 35:2 Sharon, a coastal plain in Israel, means “an open, sweeping plain, straight, upright, pleasant, prosperous.”
  5. Isaiah 35:2 As translated from the Septuagint. The Hebrew is “they.”
  6. Isaiah 35:3 Or “strengthen the weak hands.” See Heb. 12:12-13.
  7. Isaiah 35:3 Or “Make firm those with feeble knees.”
  8. Isaiah 35:4 See Ps. 149:4, 7.
  9. Isaiah 35:6 See Acts 3:7-8.
  10. Isaiah 35:6 See Ps. 110:7; Judg. 15:18-19.
  11. Isaiah 35:7 Or “serpent, monster, jackal.”
  12. Isaiah 35:8 Or “It is for those who walk the walk.”
  13. Isaiah 35:8 Or “Fools will not trespass on it.”
  14. Isaiah 35:9 The lion is a frequent metaphor for Satan. See 1 Peter 5:8.