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    and all the host of heaven shall rot.
And the skies shall roll up like a scroll,
    and all their host shall wither
like the withering of a leaf from a vine,
    or[a] like the withering from a fig tree.

When my sword is drenched in the heavens,

look! It will descend upon Edom,
    and upon the people of my ban, for judgment.

Yahweh has a sword;[b]

it is full of blood.
    It is covered with[c] fat,
with[d] the blood of lambs and goats,
    with[e] the fat of the kidneys of rams,
for Yahweh has a sacrifice[f] in Bozrah
    and a great slaughter in the land of Edom.

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  1. Isaiah 34:4 Or “and”
  2. Isaiah 34:6 Literally “A sword for Yahweh”
  3. Isaiah 34:6 Or “from”
  4. Isaiah 34:6 Or “from”
  5. Isaiah 34:6 Or “from”
  6. Isaiah 34:6 Literally “a sacrifice for Yahweh”

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