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Isaiah 33:18-20 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

18 Eliakim, thine heart shall bethink dread; where is the lettered man? Where is he that weigheth the words of the law? where is the teacher of little children? (Thy heart shall remember what thou feared, and thou shalt ask, Now where is he who counted? where is he who weighed? yea, where is he who counted out the treasures?)

19 Thou shalt not see a people unwise, a people of deep word, so that thou mayest not understand the fair speaking of his tongue, in which people is no wisdom. (Thou shalt no longer see a fierce people, a people of deep words, those whom thou cannot understand the strange speaking of their tongues, in which people there is no wisdom.)

20 Behold thou Zion, the city of your solemnity (Behold thou Zion, the city of our solemn, or our sacred, feasts); thine eyes shall see Jerusalem, a rich city, a tabernacle that may not be borne over, neither the nails thereof shall be taken away without end; and all the cords thereof shall not be broken.


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