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16 This man shall dwell in high things, the strongholds of stones be the highness of him; bread is given to him, his waters be faithful. (This man shall live in the heights, yea, the strongholds of stones be his high places of safety; bread is given to him, his water never faileth, that is, it is always plentiful.)

17 They shall see the king in (all) his fairness; the eyes of him shall behold the land from [a]far.

18 Eliakim, thine heart shall bethink dread; where is the lettered man? Where is he that weigheth the words of the law? where is the teacher of little children? (Thy heart shall remember what thou feared, and thou shalt ask, Now where is he who counted? where is he who weighed? yea, where is he who counted out the treasures?)

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