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16 this is the person who will live in a secure place;[a]
he will find safety in the rocky, mountain strongholds;[b]
he will have food
and a constant supply of water.
17 You will see a king in his splendor;[c]
you will see a wide land.[d]
18 Your mind will recall the terror you experienced,[e]
and you will ask yourselves,[f] “Where is the scribe?
Where is the one who weighs the money?
Where is the one who counts the towers?”[g]

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  1. Isaiah 33:16 tn Heb “he [in the] exalted places will live.”
  2. Isaiah 33:16 tn Heb “mountain strongholds, cliffs [will be] his elevated place.”
  3. Isaiah 33:17 tn Heb “your eyes will see a king in his beauty”; NIV, NRSV “the king.”
  4. Isaiah 33:17 tn Heb “a land of distances,” i.e., an extensive land.
  5. Isaiah 33:18 tn Heb “your heart will meditate on terror.”
  6. Isaiah 33:18 tn The words “and you will ask yourselves” are supplied in the translation for clarification and stylistic reasons.
  7. Isaiah 33:18 sn The people refer to various Assyrian officials who were responsible for determining the amount of taxation or tribute Judah must pay to the Assyrian king.

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