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16 this is the kind of person who will ·be safe [L dwell on high/the heights].
    He will ·be protected as he would be [find refuge] in a ·high, walled city [rock stronghold/fortress].
He will always have ·bread [food],
    and he will not run out of water.
17 Your eyes will see the king in his ·beauty [splendor].
    You will see the land that stretches far away.
18 ·You [L Your heart] will ·think about the terror of the past [L meditate on terror]:
    “Where is that ·officer [scribe; taxation officer; L counter]?
    Where is the ·one who collected the taxes [L weigher]?
    Where is the ·officer in charge of our defense towers [one who counts the towers; C for taxation purposes]?”

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