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God is both wise and willing to wreak disaster;
    He does not second guess Himself or backtrack on what He says.
God will amass all divine power against those who do evil
    and against whoever aids and abets them.
As for Egypt, why do you rely on them?
    They are great, yes,
    but merely human, not God—their steeds just creatures, not spirits.
But when the Eternal reaches out and makes His power felt,
    those who lent their help will stumble; those who looked for help will fall.
Together they will be routed and killed.

Eternal One (to Isaiah): Just as a lion or a young lion fiercely growls over his prey,
        even while shepherds band together to fight him off,
    A lion won’t be scared off by their shouts
        or deterred by their noise and threatening gestures.
    So, too, the Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, will descend
        to defend Mount Zion and its hill without fail.

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