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Yet he is wiser than them all!
    He can call down calamity upon evildoers
    and never needs to retract his words.
    He will stand up against the wicked and those who protect them.
The Egyptians are not gods;[a] they’re only human![b]
    Their horses are not supernatural; they’re only flesh!
    When Yahweh demonstrates his power,[c]
    the helper will stumble and the helped will fall—
    both will perish together!

The Lord Will Fight for His People

This is what Yahweh said to me:
“When a lion,[d] the great beast, growls[e] over his prey,
    and when the shepherds band together against him,
    the lion is neither terrified by their shouts
    nor disturbed by all the noise they make.
    So will Yahweh, the Commander of Angel Armies,
    come down to fight for you on Mount Zion and on Zion’s hill!

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  1. Isaiah 31:3 Or “mighty ones.”
  2. Isaiah 31:3 “Human” is the Hebrew word adam.
  3. Isaiah 31:3 Or “stretches out his hand” (Eph. 4:11).
  4. Isaiah 31:4 See Rev. 5.
  5. Isaiah 31:4 The Hebrew word for “growl” (hagahj is more commonly translated “meditates.”

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