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Now go, write it[a] down on a tablet in their presence,[b]
inscribe it on a scroll,
so that it might be preserved for a future time
as an enduring witness.[c]
For these are rebellious people—
they are lying children,
children unwilling to obey the Lord’s law.[d]
10 They[e] say to the visionaries, “See no more visions!”
and to the seers, “Don’t relate messages to us about what is right![f]
Tell us nice things;
relate deceptive messages.[g]

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  1. Isaiah 30:8 tn The referent of the third feminine singular pronominal suffix is uncertain. Perhaps it refers to the preceding message, which accuses the people of rejecting the Lord’s help in favor of an alliance with Egypt.
  2. Isaiah 30:8 tn Heb “with them.” On the use of the preposition here, see BDB 86 s.v. II אֵת.
  3. Isaiah 30:8 sn Recording the message will enable the prophet to use it in the future as evidence that God warned his people of impending judgment and clearly spelled out the nation’s guilt. An official record of the message will also serve as proof of the prophet’s authority as God’s spokesman.
  4. Isaiah 30:9 tn Or perhaps, “instruction” (so NASB, NIV, NRSV); NCV, TEV “teachings.”
  5. Isaiah 30:10 tn Heb “who” (so NASB, NRSV). A new sentence was started here in the translation for stylistic reasons.
  6. Isaiah 30:10 tn Heb “Do not see for us right things.”
  7. Isaiah 30:10 tn Heb “Tell us smooth things, see deceptive things.”

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