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19 and mild men shall increase gladness in the Lord, and poor men shall make full out joy in the Holy of Israel. (and the meek, or the humble, shall increase their happiness in the Lord, and the poor shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.)

20 For he that had the mastery, failed, and the scorner is ended, and all they be cut down that waked on wickedness; (For he who had the mastery, hath failed, and the mocker is ended, and all those who watch for wickedness shall be cut down;)

21 which made men to do sin in word, and deceived a reprover in the gate, and bowed away in vain from a just man. (who made people to do sin in word, and deceived a rebuker at the gate, and bowed away justice from the upright, for an empty and a futile thing.)

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