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and a spirit of doom to him that sitteth on the throne, and strength to them that turn again from [the] battle to the gate. (and a spirit of justice, or of judgement, for him who sitteth upon the throne, and strength to them who return from the battle at the gate.)

But also they knew not for wine, and erred for drunkenness; the priest and (the) prophet knew not for drunkenness; they were sopped up of wine, they erred in drunkenness; they knew not a prophet, they knew not doom. (But they also knew not because of the wine, and wandered about in drunkenness; yea, the priest and the prophet knew not because of drunkenness; they were swallowed up by wine, and so they wandered about in drunkenness, and they knew not prophecy, and they did not have good judgement.)

For why all (the) boards were filled with spewing and filths, so that there was no more place. (For all the tables were covered with vomit and filth, so that there was no clean place left.)

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