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He will be a Spirit of justice
    for judges to render right decisions.
    And he will be strength and bravery
    for those who turn back the battle at the gate.

Judah’s Drunken Prophets

Moreover, the prophets and priests are drunk.
    They stagger because of wine
    and stumble around because of strong drink.
    They are confused[a] with wine,
    stumbling because of strong drink.
    They’re too drunk to understand their prophetic visions.
    They’re too drunk to render right decisions in judgment.
All of their banqueting tables are covered with filthy vomit;
    vomit is everywhere!

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  1. Isaiah 28:7 This is a play on words, for the word bala’ is a homophone for “confused” and “to swallow (wine).” It could be translated “The wine they swallow swallows them.”