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27 ·At that time [L In that day] the Lord will punish Leviathan [C a sea creature in ancient Near Eastern texts that represents chaos; Job 3:8; 41:1, 12; Ps. 74:14; 104:26], the ·gliding [or swift-moving; or fleeing] ·snake [serpent].
    He will punish Leviathan, the ·coiled [writhing; twisting] ·snake [serpent],
    with his great and hard and powerful sword.
He will kill the ·monster [dragon] in the sea.
·At that time [L In that day]
    sing about the ·pleasant [beautiful; or fruitful] vineyard [C God’s people; 5:1–7].
“I, the Lord, will ·care for [watch over] that vineyard;
    I will water it ·at the right time [regularly; continually].
No one will hurt it,
    because I will guard it day and night.
I am not ·angry [wrathful].
If ·anyone builds a wall of thornbushes in war [or only there were briers and thorns against me!],
    I will march ·to it [against it in battle] and burn it.
But if anyone comes to me for ·safety [refuge; protection]
    and wants to make peace with me,
    ·he should come and [let him] make peace with me.”
In the days to come, ·the people of Jacob [L Jacob] will ·be like a plant with good roots [take root];
    Israel will ·grow like a plant beginning to bloom [L blossom and bud].
·Then the world will be filled with their children [L …and fill all the world with fruit].

The Lord Will Send Israel Away

·The Lord has not hurt [L Has the Lord struck down…?] his people as he ·hurt their enemies [L struck down those who struck them];
    ·his people have not [L have they…?] been killed like those who tried to kill them.
He will ·settle his argument with Israel [or oppose her; contend with her] by sending her far away.
    ·Like a hot desert wind [L With his fierce breath in the day of the east wind; C the east wind came from the desert], he will drive her away.
This is how ·Israel’s [L Jacob’s] guilt will be forgiven;
    this is how its sins will be taken away:
·Israel [L He] will crush the rocks of the altar [C pagan altars] to dust,
    and no ·Asherah idols [L Asherahs; C sacred trees or poles dedicated to the goddess Asherah] or ·altars [incense altars] will be left standing.
10 ·At that time [L In that day] the ·strong, walled [fortified] city will be ·empty [desolate]
    an abandoned settlement, empty like a ·desert [wilderness; 17:9; 32:14, 19].
Calves will eat grass there.
    They will lie down there
    and ·eat leaves from [strip bare] the branches.
11 The limbs will become dry and break off,
    so women will use them for firewood.
The people ·refuse to understand [lack understanding/discernment],
    so ·their Creator [the one who made them] will not comfort them;
·their Maker [the one who formed them] will not ·be kind [show favor] to them.

12 ·At that time [L In that day] the Lord will begin gathering ·his people [L you, sons/children of Israel] one by one from the ·Euphrates River [L flowing River] to the brook of Egypt. He will ·separate them from others as grain is separated from chaff [thresh/L beat them out]. 13 ·At that time [In that day] a great trumpet will be blown. Then those who are ·lost [or perishing] in Assyria and those who ·have run away [were exiled/driven out] to Egypt will come and worship the Lord on that holy mountain in Jerusalem.