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Glorifying God

14 “They raise their voices;
    they shout for joy;[a]
from the west[b] they shout aloud[c]
    over the Lord’s majesty.
15 Therefore, you in the east,[d]
    give glory to the Lord!
You in the coastlands of the sea,
    give glory to the name of the Lord God of Israel!
16 From the ends of the earth
    we hear songs of praise:
        ‘Glory to the Righteous One!’

“But I say, ‘I am pining away,
    I’m pining away.
        How terrible things are for me!
For treacherous people betray—
    treacherous people are betraying with treachery!’”

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  1. Isaiah 24:14 So 1QIsaa MT; 4QIsac reads and they shout
  2. Isaiah 24:14 Lit. sea; so 1QIsaa MT; cf. LXX; 4QIsac reads day
  3. Isaiah 24:14 So 1QIsaa MT; 4QIsac reads And they cry out
  4. Isaiah 24:15 So 1QIsaa MT; 4Q1sac reads in the east, in Aram; LXX lacks in the east