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11 It stretched forth his hand above the sea, and troubled realms (He stretched forth his hand over the sea, and troubled kingdoms). The Lord sent (his command) against Canaan, for to all-break the strong men thereof;

12 and he said, Thou maid(en), the daughter of Sidon, that sufferest challenge, shalt no more add, that thou have glory. Rise thou (up), and pass over the sea into Chittim; there also no rest shall be to thee (even there, there shall be no rest for thee).

13 Lo! the land of Chaldees, such a people was not; Assur founded that Tyre (Lo! the land of the Chaldeans, such a people were not, until the Assyrians founded that Tyre); they led over into captivity the strong men thereof; they (under)mined the houses thereof; they setted it into falling.

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