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11 The Lord has stretched his hand over the sea
    and made its kingdoms tremble.
He commands that Canaan’s
    ·strong, walled cities [fortresses; strongholds] be destroyed.
12 He said, “·Sidon [L Virgin daughter Sidon], you will not ·rejoice [celebrate] any longer,
    because you are ·destroyed [crushed; oppressed].
·Even if you cross the sea [L Arise, cross over] to ·Cyprus [L Kittim],
    [but] you will not find a place to rest.”
13 Look at the land of the ·Babylonians [Chaldeans];
    ·it is not a country now [this people is no more].
Assyria has made it a place for ·wild [desert] animals.
    Assyria built ·towers to attack it [siege towers];
the soldiers ·took all the treasures from its cities [stripped bare/tore down its fortresses/palaces],
    and they turned it into ruins.

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