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God’s Message to Lebanon

23 This is a ·message [prophecy; oracle; burden] about Tyre [C port city in Phoenicia, north of Israel; present-day Lebanon]:

You ·trading ships [L ships of Tarshish; C western port city, probably in Spain; 2:16], ·cry [wail]!
    The houses and harbor of Tyre are ·destroyed [devastated; laid waste].
This news came to the ships
    from the land of ·Cyprus [L the Kittim; C the people of Cyprus, an island west of Israel].
·Be silent [or Mourn in silence], you who live on the ·island of Tyre [or coastland];
    you merchants of Sidon [C port city of Phoenica], be silent.
    ·Sailors have made you rich [or …whose messengers have crossed the sea].
They traveled ·the sea [the great waters; or many seas] to bring ·grain from Egypt [L the grain of Shihor; C the east branch of the Nile in Egypt];
    the harvest of the Nile was Tyre’s ·profit [revenue];
she was the marketplace of the nations.

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