23 1 A Prophecy against Tyre. 17 A promise that it shall be restored.

The [a]burden of Tyre. Howl ye ships of [b]Tarshish: for [c]it is destroyed, so that there is none house: none shall come from the land of [d]Kittim: it is [e]revealed unto them.

Be still, ye that dwell in the isles: the merchants of Sidon, and such as pass over the sea, have [f]replenished thee.

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  1. Isaiah 23:1 Read Isa. 13:1.
  2. Isaiah 23:1 Ye of Cilicia that come thither for merchandise.
  3. Isaiah 23:1 Tyre is destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar.
  4. Isaiah 23:1 By Kittim they meant all the isles and countries Westward from Palestine.
  5. Isaiah 23:1 All men know of this destruction.
  6. Isaiah 23:2 Have haunteth thee, and enriched thee.