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Look! Someone’s coming!
    It’s a man in a chariot with a team of horses.
    He shouts out, ‘Fallen, fallen, Babylon has fallen!
    All the idols of their gods lie shattered on the ground!’”
10 My people, lying crushed on the threshing floor,
    I declare to you what I have heard from the God of Israel,
    Yahweh, the Commander of Angel Armies.

A Prophecy concerning Dumah (Edom)

11 Here is a prophecy about Dumah:[a]
    Someone keeps calling me from the land of Edom,[b] saying,
    “Watchman, how much longer is the night?
    Watchman, how much longer is the night?”

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  1. Isaiah 21:11 Dumah is a location in northern Arabia and is a poetic term for Edom, an ancient kingdom situated south of the Dead Sea. Dumah means “stillness (of death)” and was the land of Esau’s descendants. See also Gen. 32:3; Num. 24:18. The Hebrew root word for Edom is “Adam.”
  2. Isaiah 21:11 Or “Seir,” a mountain in Edom. This is another name for the land inhabited by the Edomites. Seir means “hairy goat, faun, satyr” and is found thirty-nine times in the Old Testament.

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