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14 People of Tema,[a] come and bring water to the thirsty
    and bread for the fugitives.
15 For they have fled from the battle, from the drawn swords,
    from the bent bows, and from the weight of warfare.
16 This is what the Sovereign God said to me:
    “Within exactly one year,[b]
    all the splendor of Kedar[c] will end.

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  1. Isaiah 21:14 Tema was a descendant of Abraham (1 Chron. 1:28-30). Tema (modern-day Tayma) is also a city in northern Saudi Arabia. Tema means “sunny, good fortune, prosperity.”
  2. Isaiah 21:16 Or “Within one year according to the years of a hired worker.”
  3. Isaiah 21:16 Kedar, a son of Ishmael, means “dark skinned.” Kedar’s descendants settled in the Arabian desert. Kedar is likely a metonymy for northern Arabia.

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