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A Prophecy Against Babylon

21 Here is a prophecy against Babylon that the Lord gave me. Babylon is known as the Desert by the Sea.

An attack is coming through the desert.
    It is coming from a land of terror.
    It’s sweeping along like a windstorm blowing across the Negev Desert.

I have seen a vision about something terrible that will happen.
    People are turning against Babylon.
    Robbers are taking its goods.
Elamites, attack the city! Medes, surround it!
    The Lord will put an end to all the suffering Babylon has caused.

The vision fills my body with pain.
    Pains take hold of me.
    They are like the pains of a woman having a baby.
I am shaken by what I hear.
    I’m terrified by what I see.

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