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Isaiah 21:1-3 Expanded Bible (EXB)

God’s Message to Babylon

21 This is a ·message [prophecy; oracle; burden] about the Desert by the Sea [C probably Babylon (v. 9), though an unusual description of it]:

·Disaster [or An invader; L It] is coming from the desert
    like ·wind [whirlwinds] blowing in the ·south [or Negev].
    It is coming from a terrible country.
I have seen a ·terrible [terrifying; dire; distressing] vision.
    ·I see traitors turning against you [L The betrayer betrays]
    ·and people taking your wealth [the destroyer destroys; or the looter loots].

Elam, ·attack the people [L go up; C Elam sounds like the Hebrew for “go up”]!
    Media, ·surround the city and attack it [besiege]!
I will bring an end to ·the pain the city causes [L all the groaning].

·I saw those terrible things, and now [L For this reason; At this] ·I am in pain [my loins/stomach are filled with pain];
    my pains ·are [seize me] like the pains of giving birth.
What I hear ·makes me very afraid [distresses/staggers me];
    what I see ·causes me to shake with fear [bewilders/horrifies me].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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