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Isaiah 1:5-7 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

On what thing shall I smite you more, that increase trespassing? (Over what thing shall I strike you, ye who continue to trespass, or to sin?) Each head is sick, and each heart is mourning.

From the sole of the foot till to the noll, health is not therein; wound, and wanness, and beating swelling (that) is not bound about (and swelling from a beating that is not bound up), neither cured by medicine, neither nursed with oil.

Your land is forsaken, your cities be burnt by fire; aliens devour your country before you, and it shall be desolate as in the destroying of enemies. (Your land is deserted, your cities be burned down; foreigners devour your country before you, and it shall be made desolate in its destruction by your enemies.)


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