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God Promises Deliverers

26 “I will restore deliverers as in former times
    and your wise counselors as at the beginning.[a]
    Only then will you be called the Righteous City
    and the Faithful City!”[b]
27 Yes, Zion will be redeemed with justice
    and her repentant converts with righteousness.[c]
28 There will be a shattering of rebels and sinners together,
    and those who forsake the Lord will be consumed.

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  1. Isaiah 1:26 God promises a restoration of deliverers (Obad. 21) or “judges” and “wise counselors.” Apostolic judges and prophetic counselors are on their way. They are sent to challenge the status quo and make us consider our ways. The result of their needed ministries is that God’s people will become the Righteous City and be restored to be the City (Church) of Faithfulness. This is Isaiah’s glimpse of the New Jerusalem, the Bridal City coming to the earth. It will be a “City of Righteousness,” for God will dwell with his people.
  2. Isaiah 1:26 See also Gal. 4:26.
  3. Isaiah 1:27 The Septuagint uses the word mercy.