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Isaiah 1:22-24 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

22 Thy silver is turned into dross, either filth; thy wine is meddled with water (thy wine is mixed with water).

23 Thy princes be unfaithful, the fellows of thieves; all love gifts, and follow yieldings, either meeds; they deem not to a fatherless child, and the cause of a widow entereth not to them. (Thy leaders be unfaithful, the friends of thieves; all of them love gifts, and follow after bribes, or rewards; they do not judge favourably for a fatherless child, and a widow’s case never even cometh before them.)

24 For this thing, saith the Lord God of hosts, the Strong of Israel, Alas! I shall be comforted on mine enemies, and I shall be venged of mine enemies (For this thing, saith the Lord God of hosts, the Strong One of Israel, No more! Now I shall get satisfaction over my enemies, and I shall take vengeance upon my enemies/and I shall be avenged upon my enemies.)


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