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Isaiah 1:19-21 Expanded Bible (EXB)

19 If you become willing and ·obey [listen to] me,
    you will eat ·good crops from [the good of] the land.
20 But if you ·refuse to obey [resist] and ·if you turn against me [rebel],
    you will be ·destroyed [L devoured] by your enemies’ swords [C the options are to eat the crops or be eaten by the swords].”
The Lord himself ·said these things [has spoken].

Jerusalem Is Not Loyal to God

21 [L See how; or How…!] The ·city of Jerusalem once followed the Lord [L faithful city],
    ·but she is no longer loyal to him [L …has become a prostitute/whore; C a metaphor for spiritual treachery].
She used to be filled with ·fairness [justice];
    ·people there lived the way God wanted [Righteousness/Justice lived/lodged there; C personification].
    But now, murderers live there.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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