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14 I hate your New Moon ·feasts [festivals; Num. 28:11–15]
    and your ·other yearly [annual; appointed] feasts.
They have become a ·heavy weight on [burden to] me,
    and I ·am tired of carrying it [or can no longer tolerate them].
15 When you ·raise your arms to me [L spread out your hands] in prayer,
    I will ·refuse to look at [look the other way; L hide my eyes from] you.
Even if you say many prayers,
    I will not listen to you,
because your hands are ·full of [covered with] blood.
16 Wash yourselves and make yourselves clean.
    ·Stop doing the evil things I see you do [L Take away your evil deeds from my eyes].
Stop doing wrong.

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