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Isaiah 19:5-7 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

And [the] water of the sea shall wax dry, and the flood shall be desolate, and shall be dried. (And the water of the River shall grow dry, yea the River shall become desolate, and dried up.)

And the floods shall fail, and the strands of the fields shall be made thin, and shall be dried; a reed and spire shall fade (away). (And the rivers shall fail, and the streams of the fields shall be made shallow, and shall be dried up; the reed and the bulrush shall fade away.)

The bottom of water shall be made naked, and streams from their well(s); and the moist place of all seed shall be dried, it shall wax dry, and it shall not be. (The bottom of the waters shall be uncovered, yea, of all the streams from the wells; and all the seeds on the river banks shall dry up, yea, they shall grow dry, and they shall be no more.)


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