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22 The Lord will strike Egypt with a plague, striking but then healing. Then they will turn to the Lord, and he will respond to their pleas and heal them.

23 At that time,[a] there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will come into Egypt, and the Egyptians into Assyria, and they[b] will worship with the Assyrians.

24 At that time,[c] Israel will be in a triple alliance[d] with Egypt and Assyria; they will be[e] a blessing in the midst of the earth.

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  1. Isaiah 19:23 Lit. On that day
  2. Isaiah 19:23 So 1QIsaa; 4QIsab MT LXX read and the Egyptians
  3. Isaiah 19:24 Lit. On that day
  4. Isaiah 19:24 Lit. will be the third
  5. Isaiah 19:24 DSS MT lack they will be