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sending their messengers by the way of the Nile
    in papyrus vessels gliding on the water!
    Go, you swift messengers,
    to a tall, smooth-skinned people[a] feared far and wide,
    to a mighty conquering nation whose land the rivers divide.[b]
Everyone everywhere, all who dwell on the earth,
    when a signal flag is raised on the mountain, take notice!
    When the shofar is blown, listen!
Here is what the Lord Yahweh said to me:
    “I will rest calm and confident[c] as I look from my dwelling place,[d]
    serene as on a pleasant summer day[e]
    or a cool, refreshing cloud[f] in the heat of harvest.”

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  1. Isaiah 18:2 The meaning of this Hebrew clause is uncertain.
  2. Isaiah 18:2 That is, the Upper Nile region. The land is divided by the White Nile and the Blue Nile rivers.
  3. Isaiah 18:4 See Isa. 57:20; 62:1; Heb. 3–4.
  4. Isaiah 18:4 The body of Christ is now his dwelling place (Eph. 2:19-22).
  5. Isaiah 18:4 The meaning of this Hebrew clause is uncertain.
  6. Isaiah 18:4 See Isa. 19:1; 25:5; 44:22; 60:8.

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