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That land sends ·messengers [envoys; ambassadors] across the sea;
    they go on the water in boats made of ·reeds [papyrus; C light and speedy].

Go, ·quick [swiftly] messengers,
    to a people who are tall and smooth-skinned,
    who are feared ·everywhere [far and wide].
They are a powerful nation ·that defeats other nations [or who speak a strange language].
    Their land is divided by rivers.

All you ·people [inhabitants] of the world, look!
    Everyone who lives in the world, look!
You will see a ·banner [standard; signal flag] raised on a mountain.
    You will hear a trumpet sound.
The Lord said to me,
    “I will quietly watch from ·where I live [my dwelling place],
like ·heat in the sunshine [L glowing heat upon the light],
    like ·the dew [L a cloud of dew] in the heat of harvest time.”

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