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They will not be infatuated with the religious altars
    their own hands crafted,
    nor by what their own fingers have made,[a]
    nor with their sacred groves[b] or altars of incense.
On that day their bustling cities will become deserted
    like those conquered by the Israelites—
    abandoned to thickets and undergrowth,
    it will all become desolate.
10 For you have ignored and forgotten the God who saves you
    and have not remembered your Rock of Safety.[c]
    So what do you do?
    You cultivate your beautiful gardens and plant imported vines.

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  1. Isaiah 17:8 See Acts 17:18-34.
  2. Isaiah 17:8 Or “poles” or “goddesses (Heb. asherim).” Asherim (plural) have a specific pagan context of the Canaanite religions stretching back into Israel’s history. See Ex. 34:13-14.
  3. Isaiah 17:10 See Deut. 32:15.