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12 Woe to the multitude of many peoples, as the multitude of the sea sounding, and the noise of companies as the sound of many waters. (Woe to the multitude of many peoples, sounding like the roar of the sea, yea, the noise of their companies sounding like the thunder of many waters.)

13 Peoples shall sound as the sound of flowing waters, and God shall blame him; and he shall flee far, and he shall be ravished as the dust of hills from the face of the wind, and as a whirlwind before [the] tempest. (The peoples shall sound like the sound of flowing water, and God shall rebuke them; and they shall flee far away, and they shall be driven like the dust on the hills by the face of the wind, and like a whirlwind before the tempest.)

14 In the time of eventide, and lo! troubling; in the morrowtide, and he shall not abide. This is the part of them that destroyed us, and the part of them that ravished us. (At the time of evening, and lo! troubling, and by the morning, they all shall be gone. This is the portion for them who destroyed us, and the portion for those who robbed us.)

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