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Isaiah 17:12-14 New English Translation (NET Bible)

12 Beware, you many nations massing together,[a]
those who make a commotion as loud as the roaring of the sea’s waves.[b]
Beware, you people making such an uproar,[c]
those who make an uproar as loud as the roaring of powerful waves.[d]
13 Though these people make an uproar as loud as the roaring of powerful waves,[e]
when he shouts at[f] them, they will flee to a distant land,
driven before the wind like dead weeds on the hills,
or like dead thistles[g] before a strong gale.
14 In the evening there is sudden terror;[h]
by morning they vanish.[i]
This is the fate of those who try to plunder us,
the destiny of those who try to loot us![j]


  1. Isaiah 17:12 tn Heb “Woe [to] the massing of the many nations.”
  2. Isaiah 17:12 tn Heb “like the loud noise of the seas, they make a loud noise.”
  3. Isaiah 17:12 tn Heb “the uproar of the peoples.”
  4. Isaiah 17:12 tn Heb “like the uproar of mighty waters they are in an uproar.”
  5. Isaiah 17:13 tn Heb “the peoples are in an uproar like the uproar of mighty waters.”
  6. Isaiah 17:13 tn Or “rebukes.” The verb and related noun are used in theophanies of God’s battle cry, which terrifies his enemies. See, for example, Pss 18:15; 76:7; 106:9; Isa 50:2; Nah 1:4, and A. Caquot, TDOT 3:49-53.
  7. Isaiah 17:13 tn Or perhaps “tumbleweed” (NAB, NIV, CEV); KJV “like a rolling thing.”
  8. Isaiah 17:14 tn Heb “at the time of evening, look, sudden terror.”
  9. Isaiah 17:14 tn Heb “before morning he is not.”
  10. Isaiah 17:14 tn Heb “this is the portion of those who plunder us, and the lot of those who loot us.”
New English Translation (NET)

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