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12 “How terrible it will be for many peoples,
    who rage like the roaring sea!
Oh, how the uproar of nations
    is like the sound of rushing, mighty water—
    How they roar!
13 The nations roar like the rushing of many waters,[a]
    but the Lord[b] will rebuke them,
and they will run far away,
    chased like chaff blown down from the mountains
or like thick dust[c] that rolls along,
    blown along by a wind storm.
14 When the evening arrives, watch out—sudden terror!
    By morning they will be there no longer!
So it will be for those who plunder us
    and what will happen to those who rob us.”

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  1. Isaiah 17:13 So 1QIsaa MT; cf. LXX; MTms Syr lack this line
  2. Isaiah 17:13 Lit. but he
  3. Isaiah 17:13 Lit. like something