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This is why I cry salty tears over Jazer,
    over the vines of Sibmah and over the fields of Heshbon.
And God’s-Ascent, Elealeh, I weep for you—over your branches,
    once so green and strong, now broken and brown with death.
No one rejoices anymore over your fruits and harvest.

10 What joy these fields and orchards brought, what pleasure and delight,
    with their beauty, with their bounty.
But no more cheerful shouts accompany the harvest of the vineyards.
    No one is left to press the grapes into wine.
I have silenced all your joyous shouting.
11 My heart hums like a harp with grief for you, Moab.
    I ache with soul-sadness for Kir-hareseth.

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