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So I weep along with Jazer over the vines of Sibmah.
    I drench you with my tears, O Heshbon and Elealeh,[a]
    for the shouts of joy over the harvest
    of fruit and grain have ceased.
10 Joyful celebrations are stilled in the orchards;
    in the vineyards, no one sings or shouts,
    and no one treads out wine in the presses.
    I have silenced your gleeful shouts.
11 Like harp strings, my heartstrings throb for Moab,[b]
    and my inner being sighs for your broken walls, Kir-Hareseth.[c]

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  1. Isaiah 16:9 Elealeh is a city and means “a mighty one (God) ascends.” See Num. 32:37.
  2. Isaiah 16:11 Even for pride-filled Moab, God’s heart was moved with compassion.
  3. Isaiah 16:11 Or “for Kir-Hareseth (walls of earthen potsherds).”