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I ·cry [weep] with the people of Jazer
    for the grapevines of Sibmah.
I will ·cry with the [or drench you with tears, you] people of Heshbon and Elealeh.
·There will be no shouts of joy,
    because there will be no harvest or ripe fruit [or Your enemies shout for joy over your fruit and harvest].
10 There will be no joy and happiness in the orchards
    and no songs or shouts of joy in the vineyards.
No one ·makes [treads/stomps out] wine in the winepresses,
    because I have put an end to shouts of joy.
11 My ·heart cries [inner parts moan/sigh] for Moab like a ·harp playing a funeral song [L harp];
    ·I am very sad [L my inner being] for Kir Hareseth.

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