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Isaiah 16:7-9 Tree of Life Version (TLV)

Therefore Moab will wail for Moab—
    everyone will wail!
For the sweet cakes of Kir-hareseth
    you will moan, utterly stricken.
For the fields of Heshbon have withered,
    as well as the vine of Sibmah.
Rulers of nations have trampled the choice clusters,
    that reached as far as Jazer and into the desert,
    its branches spread out
    and crossed to the sea.
Therefore I will weep bitterly for Jazer,
    for the vine of Sibmah.
I will drench you with my tears,
    O Heshbon and Elealeh.
For on your summer and your harvest
    the battle cry has fallen.

Tree of Life Version (TLV)

Tree of Life (TLV) Translation of the Bible. Copyright © 2015 by The Messianic Jewish Family Bible Society.


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