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Isaiah 15:2-4 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

The king’s house, and Dibon ascended to high places, into wailing; on Nebo, and on Medeba, Moab shall yell. In all heads thereof shall be baldness, and each beard shall be shaved. (The daughter, or the people, of Dibon go up to the hill shrines to weep; Moab shall yell, or shall wail, about Nebo, and about Medeba. On all their heads shall be baldness, and each beard shall be shaved.)

In the meeting of three ways thereof they be girded in a sackcloth, all yelling on the houses thereof, and in the streets thereof; it shall go down into weeping (they shall go down weeping).

Heshbon shall cry (out), and Elealeh, (and) the voice of them is heard till to Jahaz (and their voice is heard unto Jahaz); on this thing the ready men of Moab shall yell (with fear), the soul thereof shall yell to itself (in fear).


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