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God’s Message to Moab

15 This is a ·message [prophecy; oracle; burden] about Moab:

In one night ·armies took the wealth from Ar in Moab [or Ar of Moab is destroyed/laid waste],
    and ·it [or Moab] was ·destroyed [ruined].
In one night ·armies took the wealth from Kir in Moab [or Kir is destroyed/laid waste],
    and it [or Moab] was ·destroyed [ruined].
The ·people of Dibon [L Dibon] go to the ·places of worship [temple; L house] to ·cry [lament; weep].
    The people of Moab ·cry [wail] for the cities of Nebo and Medeba.
Every head is ·shaved [L bald]
    and every beard is cut off [C signs of sorrow, mourning, or humiliation].
In the streets they wear ·rough cloth [sackcloth; C to show their sadness].
    On the roofs [C roofs were flat and used as living and storage space in Palestine] and in the public squares,
they are ·crying loudly [wailing], ·with tears streaming down [or falling down weeping].
·People in the cities Heshbon and Elealeh [L Heshbon and Elealeh] cry out loud.
    You can hear their voices far away in the city Jahaz.
Even the ·soldiers [armed men] ·are frightened [cry out; shout in terror];
    ·they are shaking with fear [L his soul wavers/trembles].

My heart cries with sorrow for Moab.
    Its ·people [fugitives] ·run away to Zoar for safety [L flee to Zoar];
    they run to Eglath Shelishiyah.
People are going up the ·mountain road to [ascent of] Luhith,
    ·crying [weeping] as they go.
People are going on the road to Horonaim,
    ·crying over [lamenting] their destruction.
But the water of Nimrim ·has dried up [are devastated/desolate].
    The grass has dried up,
and all the plants ·are dead [have failed/disappeared];
    nothing green is left.
So the people gather up what they have ·saved [stored up]
    and carry it across the ·Ravine [Brook; Stream] of the Poplars.
Crying ·is heard everywhere in [or echoes throughout the borders of] Moab.
    Their ·crying [wailing; howling] is heard as far away as the city Eglaim;
    it is heard as far away as Beer Elim.
The water of the city Dibon is full of blood,
    and I, the Lord, will bring even more troubles to Dibon.
·I will send lions to kill [L A lion for] ·those left in [the fugitives of] Moab
    And ·those who remain in [the remnant/survivors of] the land.