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22 “I will rise up against them,”

says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.
“I will blot out all remembrance of Babylon and destroy all her people,[a]
including the offspring she produces,”[b]
says the Lord.
23 “I will turn her into a place that is overrun with wild animals[c]
and covered with pools of stagnant water.
I will get rid of her, just as one sweeps away dirt with a broom,”[d]
says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.
24 [e] The Lord of Heaven’s Armies makes this solemn vow:

“Be sure of this:
Just as I have intended, so it will be;
just as I have planned, it will happen.

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  1. Isaiah 14:22 tn Heb “I will cut off from Babylon name and remnant” (ASV, NAB, and NRSV all similar).
  2. Isaiah 14:22 tn Heb “descendant and child.”
  3. Isaiah 14:23 tn Heb “I will make her into a possession of wild animals.” It is uncertain what type of animal קִפֹּד (qippod) refers to. Some suggest a rodent (cf. NASB, NRSV “hedgehog”), others, an owl (cf, NAB, NIV, TEV).
  4. Isaiah 14:23 tn Heb “I will sweep her away with the broom of destruction.”
  5. Isaiah 14:24 sn Having announced the downfall of the Chaldean empire, the Lord appends to this prophecy a solemn reminder that the Assyrians, the major Mesopotamian power of Isaiah’s day, would be annihilated, foreshadowing what would subsequently happen to Babylon and the other hostile nations.