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God’s People Restored

14 For Adonai will have compassion on Jacob
and will again choose Israel
and settle them in their own land.
The outsider will join himself with them
and will cling to the house of Jacob.
The peoples will take them
and escort them to their place.
The house of Israel will possess them
    in the land of Adonai as servants and handmaids.
They will take their captors captive,
    and rule over their oppressors.

Taunt Against Babylon’s King

Now in the day when Adonai will give you rest from your sorrow and your turmoil, and from the hard service you were forced to do, you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon and say:

“How the taskmaster has ceased!
The raging oppressor, exacter of gold, has ceased!
Adonai has broken the rod of the wicked,
the scepter of the rulers,
which struck the people in wrath
    with continual strokes,
which ruled the nations in fury,
    with relentless persecution.
The whole earth is at rest, and quiet.
They break forth with a ringing cry!
Even the cypress trees rejoice over you,
along with the cedars of Lebanon:
“Since you were laid low,
    no woodcutter comes up against us.”
Sheol from below is excited about you,
to meet you at your coming!
He stirs up the dead spirits for you,
    even the chief ones[a] of the earth.
He makes all the kings of the nations
    rise up from their thrones.
10 They all answer and say to you:
“Even you have become as weak as us?
Have you become like us?
11 Your pomp is brought down to Sheol
    with the music of your harps.
Maggots are spread out under you,
    and worms cover you.”

Shining One Fallen From Heaven

12 How you have fallen from heaven,
O brighstar[b], son of the dawn![c]
How you are cut down to the earth,
you who made the nations prostrate!
13 You said in your heart:
“I will ascend to heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.[d]
I will sit upon the mount of meeting,
    in the uttermost parts of the north.
14 I will ascend above the high places of the clouds—
I will make myself like Elyon.”
15 Yet you will be brought down to Sheol,
to the lowest parts of the Pit.

16 Those who see you will stare at you,
reflecting on what has become of you:
“Is this the one who shook the earth,
    who made kingdoms tremble,
17 who made the world a wilderness
        and destroyed its cities,
    who never opened the house of his prisoners?”
18 All the kings of the nations, all of them,
lie in glory, each in his own house.
19 But you are cast out of your tomb
as a discarded branch,
    garment of the slain,
    pierced with a sword,
    dumped into a stony pit,
    a corpse trodden underfoot.
20 You will not join with them in burial,
because you ruined your land,
    you slaughtered your own people.
The offspring of evildoers will never be named.
21 Prepare slaughter for his children
for the iniquity of their fathers,
so they would not rise up and possess the land,
or fill the face of the earth with cities.

22 “For I will rise up against them”—it is a declaration of Adonai-Tzva’ot—“and I will cut off from Babylon name and remnant, offshoot and offspring,” declares Adonai. 23 “I will also make it a possession for the porcupine, with marshes of water, and I will sweep it with the broom of destruction.” It is a declaration of Adonai-Tzva’ot.

24 Adonai Tzva’ot has sworn, saying:
“Surely, as I thought it, so it will be.
As I have purposed, so it will stand.
25 I will break Assyria in My land.
On My mountains I will trample him.
Then his yoke will be taken off them,
his burden removed from their shoulder.
26 This is the purpose planned for the whole earth,
and this is the hand that is stretched out over all the nations.”
27 For Adonai-Tzva’ot has purposed,
    so who will annul it?
Since His hand is stretched out,
    who will turn it back?

Doom of Philistia

28 In the year king Ahaz died came this burden:

29 Do not rejoice, all you of Philistia,
that the rod that struck you is broken.
For from the serpent’s root comes a viper
and its fruit will be a flying serpent.
30 The firstborn of the poor will feed,
and the needy will lie down in safety.
I will kill your root with famine,
and your survivors will be slain.
31 Wail, O gate! Cry, O city!
Melt away, all you of Philistia!
For smoke is coming from the north,
and there is no straggler in its ranks.

32 What will they answer the messengers of the nation?
For Adonai has founded Zion,
    and the afflicted of His people will find refuge in her.


  1. Isaiah 14:9 Lit. rams.
  2. Isaiah 14:12 Or shining one.
  3. Isaiah 14:12 cf. Luke 10:18.
  4. Isaiah 14:13 cf. 2 Thes. 2:3-4.

14 The Lord will have compassion(A) on Jacob;
    once again he will choose(B) Israel
    and will settle them in their own land.(C)
Foreigners(D) will join them
    and unite with the descendants of Jacob.
Nations will take them
    and bring(E) them to their own place.
And Israel will take possession of the nations(F)
    and make them male and female servants in the Lord’s land.
They will make captives(G) of their captors
    and rule over their oppressors.(H)

On the day the Lord gives you relief(I) from your suffering and turmoil(J) and from the harsh labor forced on you,(K) you will take up this taunt(L) against the king of Babylon:(M)

How the oppressor(N) has come to an end!
    How his fury[a] has ended!
The Lord has broken the rod(O) of the wicked,(P)
    the scepter(Q) of the rulers,
which in anger struck down peoples(R)
    with unceasing blows,
and in fury subdued(S) nations
    with relentless aggression.(T)
All the lands are at rest and at peace;(U)
    they break into singing.(V)
Even the junipers(W) and the cedars of Lebanon
    gloat over you and say,
“Now that you have been laid low,
    no one comes to cut us down.”(X)

The realm of the dead(Y) below is all astir
    to meet you at your coming;
it rouses the spirits of the departed(Z) to greet you—
    all those who were leaders(AA) in the world;
it makes them rise from their thrones—
    all those who were kings over the nations.(AB)
10 They will all respond,
    they will say to you,
“You also have become weak, as we are;
    you have become like us.”(AC)
11 All your pomp has been brought down to the grave,(AD)
    along with the noise of your harps;(AE)
maggots are spread out beneath you
    and worms(AF) cover you.(AG)

12 How you have fallen(AH) from heaven,
    morning star,(AI) son of the dawn!
You have been cast down to the earth,
    you who once laid low the nations!(AJ)
13 You said in your heart,
    “I will ascend(AK) to the heavens;
I will raise my throne(AL)
    above the stars of God;
I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,(AM)
    on the utmost heights(AN) of Mount Zaphon.[b]
14 I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;(AO)
    I will make myself like the Most High.”(AP)
15 But you are brought down(AQ) to the realm of the dead,(AR)
    to the depths(AS) of the pit.(AT)

16 Those who see you stare at you,
    they ponder your fate:(AU)
“Is this the man who shook(AV) the earth
    and made kingdoms tremble,
17 the man who made the world a wilderness,(AW)
    who overthrew(AX) its cities
    and would not let his captives go home?”(AY)

18 All the kings of the nations lie in state,
    each in his own tomb.(AZ)
19 But you are cast out(BA) of your tomb
    like a rejected branch;
you are covered with the slain,(BB)
    with those pierced by the sword,(BC)
    those who descend to the stones of the pit.(BD)
Like a corpse trampled underfoot,
20     you will not join them in burial,(BE)
for you have destroyed your land
    and killed your people.

Let the offspring(BF) of the wicked(BG)
    never be mentioned(BH) again.
21 Prepare a place to slaughter his children(BI)
    for the sins of their ancestors;(BJ)
they are not to rise to inherit the land
    and cover the earth with their cities.

22 “I will rise up(BK) against them,”
    declares the Lord Almighty.
“I will wipe out Babylon’s name(BL) and survivors,
    her offspring and descendants,(BM)
declares the Lord.
23 “I will turn her into a place for owls(BN)
    and into swampland;
I will sweep her with the broom of destruction,(BO)
    declares the Lord Almighty.(BP)

24 The Lord Almighty has sworn,(BQ)

“Surely, as I have planned,(BR) so it will be,
    and as I have purposed, so it will happen.(BS)
25 I will crush the Assyrian(BT) in my land;
    on my mountains I will trample him down.
His yoke(BU) will be taken from my people,
    and his burden removed from their shoulders.(BV)

26 This is the plan(BW) determined for the whole world;
    this is the hand(BX) stretched out over all nations.
27 For the Lord Almighty has purposed,(BY) and who can thwart him?
    His hand(BZ) is stretched out, and who can turn it back?(CA)

A Prophecy Against the Philistines

28 This prophecy(CB) came in the year(CC) King Ahaz(CD) died:

29 Do not rejoice, all you Philistines,(CE)
    that the rod that struck you is broken;
from the root of that snake will spring up a viper,(CF)
    its fruit will be a darting, venomous serpent.(CG)
30 The poorest of the poor will find pasture,
    and the needy(CH) will lie down in safety.(CI)
But your root I will destroy by famine;(CJ)
    it will slay(CK) your survivors.(CL)

31 Wail,(CM) you gate!(CN) Howl, you city!
    Melt away, all you Philistines!(CO)
A cloud of smoke comes from the north,(CP)
    and there is not a straggler in its ranks.(CQ)
32 What answer shall be given
    to the envoys(CR) of that nation?
“The Lord has established Zion,(CS)
    and in her his afflicted people will find refuge.(CT)


  1. Isaiah 14:4 Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint and Syriac; the meaning of the word in the Masoretic Text is uncertain.
  2. Isaiah 14:13 Or of the north; Zaphon was the most sacred mountain of the Canaanites.