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God’s Message to Babylon

13 God showed Isaiah son of Amoz this ·message [oracle; T burden] about Babylon:

Raise a ·flag [banner; signal flag] on the bare mountain.
    ·Call out [Shout] to them.
·Raise [Wave] your hand to signal them
    to enter through the gates ·for important people [of the nobles/princes].
I myself have commanded those people
    ·whom I have separated as mine [or my holy/sanctified/chosen ones].
I have ·called [summoned] those warriors to carry out my anger.
    They rejoice ·and are glad to do my will [or in my triumph/exaltation].

Listen to the loud ·noise [tumult] in the mountains,
    the sound of ·many people [a great crowd/army].
Listen to the ·noise [uproar; commotion] among the kingdoms,
    the sound of nations gathering together.
The Lord ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts] is ·calling together [summoning; mustering] his army for battle.
They are coming from a faraway land,
    from the ·edge of the horizon [or end of the heavens].
·In anger the Lord is using this army like a weapon [L The Lord and his weapons of wrath/indignation]
    to destroy the whole ·country [land; or earth].

·Cry [Wail], because the Lord’s day of judging is near;
    the Almighty is sending destruction.
·People will be weak with fear [L All hands will go limp/fail],
    and ·their courage [L every human heart] will melt away.
Everyone will be ·afraid [terrified; dismayed].
    Pain and ·hurt [anguish] will ·grab [grip; seize] them;
    they will ·hurt [writhe in pain] like a woman giving birth.
They will look at each other ·in fear [aghast; or in shock/amazement],
    with their faces ·red [aflame] like fire.

God’s Judgment Against Babylon

·Look [T Behold], the Lord’s day of judging is coming—
    a ·terrible [cruel] day, a day of ·God’s anger [L wrath and rage of anger].
He will ·destroy [desolate] the ·land [or earth]
    and the sinners who live in it.
10 [L For] The stars of heaven and their constellations
    will not show their light.
The sun will grow dark as it rises,
    and the moon will not give its light.

11 The Lord says, “I will punish the world for its evil
    and wicked people for their sins.
I will cause ·proud people [the arrogant] to lose their pride,
    and I will ·destroy [humble; lay low] the pride of ·those who are cruel to others [the ruthless/tyrants].
12 People will be ·harder to find [scarcer] than pure gold;
    there will be fewer people than there is fine gold in Ophir [C perhaps a region in southern Arabia].
13 I will make the ·sky [or heavens] shake,
    and the earth will be ·moved [shaken] from its place
by the ·anger [wrath; fury] of the Lord ·All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; T of hosts]
    ·at the time [L in the day] of his burning anger.

14 “Then the people from Babylon will run away like hunted ·deer [gazelle]
    or like sheep who have no shepherd.
Everyone will turn back to his own people;
    each will run back to his own land.
15 Everyone who is captured will be ·killed [stabbed; thrust through];
    everyone who is caught will ·be killed with a [L fall by the] sword.
16 Their little children will be ·beaten to death [dashed to pieces] in front of them.
    Their houses will be ·robbed [looted; plundered]
and their wives raped.

17 “·Look [T Behold], I will ·cause the armies of Media to attack Babylon [L stir up the Medes against them; C fulfilled by Cyrus the Great in 539 bc].
    They do not care about silver
    or delight in gold.
18 Their soldiers will shoot the young men with ·arrows [L bows];
    they will show no mercy on ·children [L the fruit of the womb],
    nor will they feel ·sorry [pity; compassion] for ·little ones [children; sons].
19 Babylon is the most beautiful of all kingdoms,
    ·and the Babylonians are very proud of it [L the glory and pride of the Chaldeans].
But God will destroy it
    like Sodom and Gomorrah [Gen. 19:23–29].
20 No one will ever live there
    or settle there ·again [from generation to generation].
No ·Arab [or bedouin; nomad] will put a tent there;
    no shepherd will ·bring [bed down their] sheep there.
21 Only desert animals will live there,
    and their houses will be full of ·wild dogs [or jackals; hyenas; howling creatures; or owls].
Owls will live there,
    and wild goats will ·leap [skip] about in the houses.
22 ·Wolves [or Hyenas] will howl within the ·strong walls [citadels; towers],
    and ·wild dogs [jackals] will bark in the ·beautiful [delightful] ·buildings [palaces].
·The end of Babylon is near [L Her time has nearly come];
    ·its time is almost over [L and her days will not be extended].”